Sunday 17 February 2019

This bungee cord version of Seven Nation Army would make the White Stripes proud

There is something strangely mesmerising about this video.


By Taylor Heyman, Press Association

Camping in the wilderness is some people’s idea of hell, but for others it breeds creation.

When Reddit user Jaydoso took a trip to Northern California with two friends from high school, they used their musical backgrounds to create a rocking version of the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army using only a bungee cord and the bed of a pick-up truck.

“All three of us were in band for the first two years of high school, and the singer and I made a cover band for the last two,” said Jaydoso, so making music from whatever is lying around isn’t unusual.

The video starts with a solo from the bungee cord, playing the well-known bass line from the song.

Then one of the guys begins to make a beat with his feet on the truck.

Not content with just a soundtrack, the last member of the trio pops his head out of the window and begins to sing.

The group go camping around twice a year, from backpacking to car park camping, and “it’s always a blast when we do”, said Jaydoso.

Let’s hope they make some more music on their next trip.

Press Association

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