Tuesday 23 January 2018

This blogger has gone and got a covfefe 'tattoo'

But everything is not as it seems…

By Jessica Pitocchi

It would seem the craze for the word of the moment – covfefe – has extended into the world of tattooing.

Blogger Xiaxue, from Singapore, posted a picture of what looks like a freshly inked tatt on the inside of her forearm of the nonsense word Donald Trump tweeted yesterday.


Her fans were nothing short of shocked.

But they had nothing to fear as Xiaxue revealed to the Press Association that it’s not a real tattoo and is just drawn, very realistically, with eyeliner.

She said: “I think the word itself is really cute and there was a lot of hype over it so I thought I’ll draw it to get a reaction.

“The reactions have ranged from people liking it to people telling me I’m super stupid.

“Meanwhile I’m just sitting here and enjoying the reactions.”


Xiaxue is a Trump supporter so getting the tattoo might not have seemed as farfetched to some of her followers.

She described the President as “a master at playing the media like a fiddle” and has her own theory on the story behind covfefe: “I think it’s not a typo but a deliberate act meant to create conversation and buzz and at the same time humanise him.”

Yesterday Trump tweeted: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe…” and sent the internet into meltdown over what the word meant.

Press Association

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