Monday 19 March 2018

This Bayern Munich mascot is just awful at pretending the floor is lava

Come on Berni, you’re better than this.

By Max McLean

You might have noticed the recent comeback of the classic game where people pretend the floor is lava, and the aim of the game is to avoid contact with the ground.

Obviously the floor’s not lava, but it’s all in the imagination eh?

Well Bayern Munich’s furry mascot, Berni the Bear, was challenged to have a go at avoiding some imaginary lava at the German club’s training ground, and the results are quite revealing.

In short, Berni is seriously lacking in poise when it comes to saving himself from the molten stuff.

Effort number one sees Berni react with promise, finding an advertising hoarding. The fuzzy bear’s balance was severely lacking however, and as such, he fell to a “grizzly” end.

Effort number two is no better – Berni goes for the crossbar, but his arm muscles have obviously been neglected in recent years. He slips to his apparent demise.

Effort number three is Berni’s only success – the stability and comfort of the steps is enough to save him, and he sees fit to dab in celebration.

But Berni hadn’t learned his lessons. On the final attempt, the bear in full kit decides to perch atop a miniature goal. The goal falls down, and down goes Berni. Very sad, indeed.

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