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This basketball player somehow managed to score a uniquely bizarre own goal


And it wasn’t even the most spectacular thing that happened in the game…

Spectacular own goals are a common enough sight in football – but have you ever seen one in basketball before?

In this college game in the States – an NCAA Elite Eight match-up between Xavier and Gonzaga – Johnathan Williams did something we’re not sure we’ve seen before.

The Gonzaga player slammed the ball down into the court, then could only watch as it bounced and ricocheted up into the basket.

You can tell from their reaction that the commentators haven’t seen anything like it either.

And as if that wasn’t spectacular enough, moments later, this happened.

As the clock ran down, Xavier’s JP Macura launched the ball from three-quarter court distance and sunk what looked to be an incredible three-pointer.

Sadly though, he was ruled not to have got the shot away in time, so the points didn’t stand – and Xavier, even with the help of that strange OG, went on to lose 83-59.

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