Thursday 23 November 2017

This baseball commentator interviewed a bird instead of watching the game

The feathered friend joined Thom Brennaman in the commentary booth to share its thoughts.

By Max McLean

The baseball season is a long one – it’s not all home runs and excitement, and broadcaster Thom Brennaman might just have found one of the more amusing ways to pass the time.

During a Major League Baseball game between the Colorado Rockies and the Cincinnati Reds, the commentary team noticed two birds, a couple perhaps, in and around their booth.

At first, Brennaman seemed reluctant to intervene…

… but it didn’t take long before he was chatting with one of the pair to see what the situation was.

Was the baseball that boring?

“No sooner do you show up,” began Brennaman. “The (Cincinnati) Reds come up with three runs… so I’m assuming you’re a baseball fan, and maybe you’ve always wanted to come up to the broadcast booth?”

And then, to our surprise, the bird replied: “No just call me the rally bird, I’m the rally bird, just chilling, just chilling.” When asked whether it was getting along with its presumed partner, the rally bird said: “We’re having a little bit of an argument but er… she likes the sun, I don’t.”

“I want to get right back to the rally bird here,” continued Brennaman after a little more baseball. “Do you think you’d like to make this your regular getaway here in the broadcast booth? Or would you like to have your bride come up sometime?”

“Nah, this is a good getaway,” says the rally bird. “We get sick of each other. You guys got it easy up here, you got an eaaaasy job up here.”

The Colorado Rockies eventually beat the Cincinnati Reds 6-4, but presumably by that time, all anyone was interested in was the rally bird.

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