Wednesday 17 January 2018

This artist has probably created the finest piece of ham artwork you’ve ever seen

Peter Deligdisch breaks the boundaries between art and cooking …

The “Hamdala” was created using a wood-burning tool (YouTube/Peter Draws)
The “Hamdala” was created using a wood-burning tool (YouTube/Peter Draws)

By Edd Dracott

As an artist Peter Deligdisch is all about experimentation, but this is perhaps his greatest venture into the unknown yet.

On his YouTube channel Peter has used flower petals, shoes and even a bear skull as his medium, but in his latest escapade he dares to tackle a new canvas – ham.

Behold, the “Hamdala”.

Using an instrument usually reserved for wood burning, he created a mandala, a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism used to represent the universe, on the unsuspecting piece of sandwich meat – and he believes there could be “many ways to combine art and cooking”.

“Not that I was actually doing a whole lot of cooking in this particular piece,” Peter told the Press Association.

“People already get carried away with cake decorating and even pancake art these days, and I’m sure that any chef worth his salt will make sure that a dish is presented in a very artful manner.

“You know how they do at fancy restaurants, drizzling sauces on the plate, placing the tiny amount of food down, carefully arranging some sprigs of this or that, so on and so forth. That’s art and cooking combined too.”

Peter didn’t let the ham go to waste of course (YouTube/Peter Draws)

Peter has been creating art on his channel for more than five years now, amassing over 36 million total views and more than 418,000 subscribers – but it doesn’t seem like he will be short of ideas soon in any case.

“The possibilities are endless, people send me messages every day with more suggestions of random mundane objects they see in their lives they think I should draw or create something with,” he said.

“But I’d be just as happy if they tried it themselves!”

If you’d like to see more from Peter, head to his YouTube channel or you can follow him on Instagram.

Press Association

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