Thursday 24 January 2019

This adorable cat’s favourite hobby is cuddling up with peaches

It’s peach season, and Ozzy the cat is loving cuddling up with his family’s fruit.

Ozzy the peach-cuddling cat (Lorraine Coutre)
Ozzy the peach-cuddling cat (Lorraine Coutre)

By Max McLean and Emily Chudy, Press Association

An adorable cat named Ozzy has gone viral for his unusual hobby: cuddling up with peaches ripening on the table.

Lydia Coutre posted photos on social media showing her parents’ pet enjoying a relaxing day among the fruit.

Posting the photos to Twitter, she said: “My parents’ cat inexplicably loves peaches, and it’s the most delightful thing.”

Lydia said: “My parents and Ozzy live in Michigan. The family got the cat in September 2013. He’s a very loving, social, playful kitty.

“When not guarding the peaches, he usually spends his time squirrel watching, sunbathing and sleeping in an available lap.”

Lydia’s adorable post revealing Ozzy’s love for summer fruits has now reached more than 68,000 retweets, and has even inspired some creative artwork.

Lydia said: “He was introduced to peaches the first summer we had him, so 2014. My mum makes a lot of peach pies and peach jam, so she sets the peaches out to ripen.

“The first time Ozzy found them on the table, he immediately started rubbing on them, so my sister’s theory is that he likes the feeling of the peaches.

“Ever since then, every summer during peach season, he can be found guarding or cuddling them.”

Lydia’s sister, Lorraine, posts updates on Ozzy and his beloved hobby on her Instagram page, where she has more than 3,000 followers.

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