Wednesday 11 December 2019

These YouTubers made playing the flute more exciting by adding fire

Get to grips with the flute, but don’t try some of this at home!

(The Flute Channel/PA)
(The Flute Channel/PA)

By Taylor Heyman, Press Association

Fire, helium and very expensive instruments. All these things come together to form one of the most addictive and instructive YouTube channels online: The Flute Channel.

The channel’s founder Amelie Brodeur is a professional flautist and pianist with over 10 years of teaching experience with children, making her perfectly qualified to run a YouTube channel dedicated to helping others learn her beloved instrument.

As well as the qualifications, Brodeur has wickedly fun ideas and an engaging tone on camera, as well as a bundle of ideas to keep the channel fresh and interesting.

“We brainstorm a lot!” says Brodeur. “It usually goes with having a growing list of ideas we constantly add to, some quite tame and some quite crazy! Usually coming from past experiences. But our list never gets short.”

The channel’s latest video has to be seen to be believed. In it, Brodeur’s collaborator Nik tries to recreate a scene from hit comedy movie Anchorman, in which a flute spews fire.

“A lot of our videos are chock-full of info and we try to blend a little bit of comedy to even it out, says Brodeur. “A lot of people say it helps them learn easier.

“Our community is amazing, we have people watching from almost every country in the world, which is fantastic.”

It’s not difficult to see why. As well as videos helping beginners to learn to play and others to improve their technique, there are more humorous videos, such as Amelie and Nik playing a duet after breathing in helium.

Amelie has high hopes for the future of the channel, and they are not unfounded. In December, YouTube Canada chose the channel as a Creator on the Rise, and as a result, their videos were placed on the trending page for 24 hours.

“We hope to be one of the biggest places on YouTube and the internet to learn the flute and interact with every flautist. We also have a podcast twice a month called The Flute Talk Podcast, a live video podcast in which we answer questions. It adds a whole new dynamic to the channel and we love it.

“We hope to take it on the road and interview and chat with other flautists from around the world. Just waiting for that big sponsorship!”

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