Friday 19 January 2018

These working fidget spinner nails helped a mother connect with her autistic sons

Natasha Lee says the nails helped her boys “feel included” in her career as a beauty blogger.

By Edward Dracott

Beauty blogger Natasha Lee said she created fidget spinner nails to connect with her three autistic sons.

The YouTuber is a specialist in nail art and created working versions of the toy which has taken the world by storm – the video for which has almost 10 million views on Facebook.

Natasha Lee – Ginger Tash

DIY FIDGET SPINNER NAILS!!! Yes I went there and used nail products to create the “World’s Smallest Fidget Spinners”!

“I created the fidget spinner nails as a way for my boys to feel included and part of my career,” Lee told the Press Association. “I had bought the two youngest fidget spinners before they actually became cool!”

Lee said although her sons “love” that she is a YouTuber, unless she produces “something quirky” or related to video games Roblox or Minecraft, they’re usually “not really interested”.

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“When I decided to create these nails, it was for my boys,” said Lee. “My youngest, George, could not stop playing with the mini fidget spinner on my finger.”

Fidget spinners have divided opinion and been banned in some schools, but Lee said despite this she is a fan.

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“As a neurotypical mum of sons with autism, I like the fact that a sensory toy they find soothing has become so mainstream that by using it they feel part of the craze that has gripped internationally,” said Lee.

“My boys love how successful the video has been as they inspired me to create it,” she added. “Any success that it has is as much theirs as it is mine.”

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The YouTuber said the family has four regular fidget spinners in the house and two “working mini nail ones”.

Lee posted a longer video to her YouTube account explaining how people can make their own fidget spinner nails at home.

Inspired to do something special with your nails? You can see more of Lee’s nail artwork by going to her YouTube channel or Facebook page.

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