Tuesday 19 November 2019

These stories about ridiculous impulse purchases will make you feel better about everything you’ve ever bought

If you’ve ever made a silly impulse buy, you need to read this.

(photomaru/Getty Images)
(photomaru/Getty Images)

By Taylor Heyman, Press Association

AskReddit – the place to find the answers to all your questions, or make yourself feel better about your silly decisions in life.

Recently Reddit user 416BREN asked other users: “What did you impulse buy that you instantly regretted?”

As usual, the people delivered. This bunch were really living life on the edge when they made these odd purchases.

The drone

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The real life Storage Hunters

The reason kids shouldn’t be given large sums

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The pranker gets pranked

A particularly embarrassing mode of transport

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Every woman can relate to this one

A car… seriously?

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Sexy intentions

Buying animals you are in no position to take care of is never a good idea

The moral of the story here is think twice before buying. It seem funny at the time, but you’ve got to live with the consequences!

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