Monday 17 December 2018

These statues on a Dublin bridge prove that putting googly eyes on anything is funny

Grattan Bridge has had a subtle make over.

(Liam Geraghty/PA)
(Liam Geraghty/PA)

By Taylor Heyman, Press Association

Someone has added googly eyes to a few of the creatures on a Dublin Bridge, adding hilarity to people’s commutes.

Liam Geraghty, host of the Meet Your Maker podcast – a pop culture podcast about the people who make the things we love, spotted the addition of the eyes to Grattan Bridge on his way to work. He snapped a few photos and posted them on Twitter, garnering hundreds of likes.

“I walk across Dublin’s Grattan Bridge most days,” Geraghty told the Press Association.

“I love the seahorses adorning the bridge. They’re actually a mythical creature called the hippocampus: half horse, half fish.

“I was walking across it today and noticed that they all had a very different expression. It was something about their eyes…”

(Liam Geraghty/PA)

Although he doesn’t know who committed the chuckle-inducing eyebombing, Geraghty says it’s typical of Dublin as a city.

“I haven’t a clue who did it but Dublin is a fantastic city for surprises. There’s some really great street art and graffiti around the city, not to mention googly eyed monsters.”

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