Thursday 26 April 2018

These guys merged basketball and four-in-a-row to make the funnest looking game of all time

Everybody needs one of these very expensive looking creations.

The basketball/four-in-a-row crossover sport created by the How Ridiculous YouTube channel – (How Ridiculous/YouTube)
The basketball/four-in-a-row crossover sport created by the How Ridiculous YouTube channel – (How Ridiculous/YouTube)

By Max McLean

Basketball’s a pretty neat game, and so is four-in-a-row – but who would ever have the idea to combine the two?

The answer is a YouTube channel called How Ridiculous, comprising three guys from Perth, Australia – they decided to make this quite brilliant combination game just for the fun of it.

“It’s all about doing things that people may not have seen before and just having a blast while we’re at it,” said Brett, one third of the trio.

“Everyone knows Connect 4, and it’s a simple but fun and strategic game, so we thought adding in the basketball element would just be awesome fun.”

And awesome fun it most certainly was.

After constructing the giant, arcade-like creation, the guys played two games, a regular one and a “mayhem version”, both of which looked hugely enjoyable.

“We knew everyone who watched it would pretty much want to play it,” said Brett.

He added: “It took a good few weeks/months of planning to work out how to best do it, but in the end we were really stoked with the way it came out.

“We were working with a really great carpenter (Gaunson Constructions here in Perth) who did an amazing job in taking it from our drawing board to real life.”

(How Ridiculous/YouTube)

But was it as fun to play as it was to be a spectator? According to Brett, it most certainly was.

“It was as fun, if not more fun, to play as it looked,” he said. “We actually hadn’t played each other until the day of filming so it was a real blast battling it out.

“We all love winning so I was stoked to get the win over Derek, as was Derek with his win over Scott.

“That said, we were just really happy that it actually worked. We are super grateful to be able to pull off this sort of stuff and especially on this project working with Curtin University here in Perth to help make it happen was a dream come true.”

(How Ridiculous/YouTube)

After the fun the How Ridiculous team had on the basketball game, the game will be opened up to the public at Curtin University’s open day on August 6 – Brett’s not so sure it will become a household item anytime soon, though.

“It’s a pretty costly construction so I’m not sure how feasible it is to make it for people to buy,” he said.

“We’ve had a lot of interest in buying it, even from countries outside of Australia, but people might have to mortgage their house to pay the shipping cost!”

(How Ridiculous/YouTube)

Can someone get to work on producing these for the Christmas period? Thanks.

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