Sunday 18 February 2018

These guys covered Rage Against The Machine with toy instruments - and absolutely nailed it

By Edward Dracott

How is it possible they made it sound this good?

There are covers, then there are covers using toy instruments.

This one is the latter, and The Wackids’ cover of Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine is a thing to behold.

It’s actually incredible they’ve managed to make it sound that accurate – but then again, toy instruments is what The Wackids do.

The French band started out busking on the streets of Bordeaux 15 years ago, and realised then that toy instruments drew much larger crowds than using your usual guitars or drum kits.

Now they’re quite famous in France and notching up thousands of views on YouTube – the video above has more than 480,000 views.

The three-man band is made up of Blowmaster, Bongostar and Speedfinger – and a guy called Captain Spot who does the lighting at their shows.

In the Killing In The Name cover, Blowmaster is using an Otamatone – a Japanese singing toy – Bongostar is on Spiderman drums and Speedfinger is using a “Zakk Wylde Bullseye” mini electric guitar.

“Basically we play only very famous rock covers to sort of educate kids about rock ‘n’ roll,” say the band. “All our instruments are either real instruments for kids, or just toys. Playing them isn’t hard, it’s like playing ukulele for example, you just get used to it.”

If you’d like to see more videos of The Wackids doing their thing, you can visit their YouTube channel or check them out on their Facebook page.

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