Sunday 21 January 2018

These guinea pigs and this pitbull have an unlikely yet totally adorable friendship

Meet Moki, Frida and Pandora.

By Georgia Humphreys

If you’re looking for a new Instagram account full of cute animals to follow, you can stop looking.

Moki the pitbull and guinea pigs Frida and Pandora were all adopted at different times by their owner Kristy Gamayo.

If Kristy’s Instagram account, @piggiesandapitty, is anything to go by, the three get on like a house on fire.

Kristy told us that while she was always cautious about the guinea pigs and dog getting on, after becoming familiar with Moki’s demeanor and personality, she knew they’d be fine playing together.

“I just knew that the guinea pigs would be safe because Moki is very gentle and has never shown signs of aggression with any person or animal,” she said.

“Moki would also poke her nose in the slots of their cage so they can sniff each other and get to know each other.”

She said that since the Instagram account has gained more and more followers, there have been guinea pig owners who have reached out to her to tell her that she’s a bad owner and that the guinea pigs are in danger with Moki.

But she said: “Most people say very nice things and tell me how they love looking at the Instagram posts, which bring a smile to their day.”

Just in case you haven’t seen enough cuteness yet, here is one more picture of Moki, Frida and Pandora snuggling together.

*checks their Instagram page every day from now on*

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