Sunday 19 January 2020

These French bus and tram staff found a genius way to circumvent a ban on shorts

They decided to take a different approach.

By Peter Cary

Things were hotting up for transport staff in the French city of Nantes on Wednesday, when male staff turned up to work dressed in skirts.

Their argument? The blistering heat was driving them to despair, but their employer, Semitan, forbids male staff to wear shorts.


With support from their trade union, CFDT Semitan, the disgruntled drivers took matters into their own hands and decided they’d take a stand.

Gabriel Magner, a representative of CFDT, told the Nantes-based news agency, 20 Minutes: “The skirt is part of the uniform for our female colleagues and we have no equivalent.

“Since 2013, we’ve held the claim that men should be able to wear shorts after a certain threshold of temperature. But Semitan seems to want to keep a brand image.”


According to the drivers, temperatures in the cabin can reach up to 50C.

They subsequently changed back into their usual attire before starting work.

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