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Theresa May's Plan for Britain website launch didn't go quite as smoothly as she'd probably hoped


The site crashed immediately after its launch.

Theresa May unveiled her new Plan for Britain in which she’d promised to lay out the plans for the country as it prepares to leave the European Union.

May pledged to see the country emerge “stronger, fairer, more united and more outward-looking than ever before” following Brexit.

The prime minister welcomed the nation to learn more about her proposals on the new Government website Plan for Britain, though its launch didn’t quite go as smoothly as she may have hoped.

Many of those attempting to reach the Plan for Britain website were met by an internet error message which notified them the page could not be reached.

The error was later fixed with the site up and running with no apparent glitches.

A Government spokesman said: “We experienced issues with hosting for the Plan for Britain website but we have worked quickly with suppliers and the issue has now been resolved.

“The Plan for Britain website outlines the four pillars of the Government’s plan for the country to deliver a brighter future and to make Britain a country that works for everyone.”

Plan for Britain details the 12 objectives set out by May for the upcoming EU withdrawal talks, along with information about the process of leaving the EU and Brexit Secretary David Davis’s statement on the parliamentary legislation authorising the Prime Minister to trigger Article 50.

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