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There's something seriously wrong with Paul Ryan's Guinness and it's angering Irish people


After Mike Pence said “top of the morning”, this was a step too far.

St Patrick’s Day evokes as much pride in the Irish as their most famous beverage – Guinness.

To offend the nation over one of these is a mistake, but both at the same time takes some doing – which is exactly what Paul Ryan and Mike Pence, of Donald Trump’s administration, have managed to do.

It all started when vice-president Pence began his speech addressing a St Patrick’s Day breakfast at the White House by saying “top of the morning”.

So clearly, “top of the morning” is quite a stereotypical thing to say in such circumstances – hence the reaction from Ireland.

Sadly though things were about to get much worse, when Congress Speaker Ryan lifted a pint of Guinness to the crowd gathered there.

To be clear, it’s not the act of raising a Guinness that’s got people upset – it’s the quality of his pint.

Guinness’ official website states a “perfect pint” should be complete with a “creamy white head”. It seems Irish people take this very seriously – and Ryan’s pour, with its measly head, hasn’t gone down too well.

Oh dear.

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