Saturday 24 March 2018

There’s a really weird sheriff meme taking over Twitter and it’s glorious

There’s no explaining this one, it’s just darn tootin’ good fun.

(Kolidzei/Getty Images)
(Kolidzei/Getty Images)

By Kameron Virk

Memes undoubtedly make the internet a more entertaining place, even when you can offer no explanation as to why they exist.

The sheriff meme is one such case. You don’t need to know its origins to recognise that this is at the vanguard of the modern meme movement.

The first instance of the sheriff meme, according to knowyourmeme, was by @brandonwardell and is far too unsafe for work to replicate here.

But Brandon spawned a movement and its quickly taking over to become one of the greatest memes of 2017.

The concept is simple: Fling together a bunch of emojis – the first few all used the 100 emoji – start your tweet with howdy, and tell the world which laws your sheriff plans on laying down.

Like the one above, the sheriff community are often fighting for noble causes.

They just want you to stay healthy and hydrated. They’re here for you.

Although sometimes they might not nail the tone.

This sheriff is one of the most popular sheriffs, and for obvious reasons.

But even those who don’t know where they are in life, who are just going through the motions, have been shown love.

There’s even an Ikea sheriff!!!

As people got carried away things became a bit more meta.

But, while everyone is enjoying this truly wholesome meme, spare a thought for the Android users out there.

Your time will come.

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