Thursday 23 November 2017

There's a Kickstarter campaign for The RompHim - that's a playsuit designed just for men

Twitter is ever so unsure about this summer outfit, which has a convenient zip…

By Georgia Humphreys

Twitter has been having its say on a Kickstarter project aimed at selling a new one-piece specifically for men.

Romper, playsuit, jumpsuit… whatever you want to call it, ACED Design – the people behind The RompHim – say they’re revolutionising men’s fashion with the summery outfit.


If you’re wondering about the design, the one-piece has a front shirt pocket, adjustable waist tabs and, yes, a zipper fly.

“While our female friends love their rompers, the biggest complaint we heard from them was the whole ‘getting fully undressed to go pee’ thing,” it says on the Kickstarter. “Luckily this sturdy metal zipper simplifies that process for guys.”

Right, over to Twitter for their opinions on The RompHim… here are a few people not exactly feeling the look.

But there are some tweeters who seem to see the appeal more… even if they can’t take it that seriously.

The team behind The RompHim all go to business school together and explain in the description on the Kickstarter project that they came up with the idea while “sitting around drinking beers one evening”.

They say they’ve since worked with a Chicago fashion design consultancy to bring The RompHim to life. The description of the Kickstarter project includes a sizing guide, and an advertisement for a special edition playsuit for Fourth of July celebrations.

And, well, they’ve managed to raise $41,360 so far – more than four times their goal of $10,000.

So, you’d better keep an eye out for your mates/boyfriends working a RompHim this summer.

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