Monday 23 July 2018

The Moon was throwing shade in more ways than one on Twitter

Would you like some ice for that burn, Sun?

A crowd gathers in Los Angeles to watch the solar eclipse
A crowd gathers in Los Angeles to watch the solar eclipse

By Max McLean

The first total solar eclipse to sweep across the US in 99 years, from Oregon to South Carolina, brought about a superb tweet from none other than the Moon itself.

Well, Nasa’s Moon account that is.

The @NASAMoon Twitter account has been building up to the special day with some great tweets revolving around itself – a nice break for an object that revolves around the Earth.

And while those tweets were entertaining enough, they were nothing compared to what the @NASAMoon account had in store for the big day.

“Make way for the Moon” – Now that’s an eclipse for the modern age right there.

Totality – when the sun is completely obscured by the moon – lasts for around two minutes in each location along the narrow corridor stretching across the US.

So it was no surprise to see @NASAMoon unblock @NASASun after a short while.

That’s great orbital banter.

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