Sunday 17 November 2019

The internet decided Pennywise is in a relationship with the Babadook and it’s oddly beautiful

Pennydook is the power couple the world needs.

Some Pennydook fan art
Some Pennydook fan art

By Edd Dracott

If you’re familiar with Pennywise from Stephen King’s It, recently released as a new film, you probably never imagined him as being capable of a loving relationship.

That’s where you’re wrong. At least, that is, according to people on the internet – who have decided he is in a relationship with another horror movie villain, The Babadook.

So how on Earth did this come about? Well it all started with The Babadook.

Tumblr user taco-bell-rey found the dark character’s film – all about him terrorising a poor Australian family from their basement – listed in the “LGBT Movies” category on Netflix early this year…

The post on Tumblr

… and this appears to have sparked The Babadook’s new role as a gay icon.

With the release of Stephen King’s It in cinemas this month there is a new terrifying character on the agenda – so naturally people have decided he’s gay too.

Which of course has lead to one conclusion.

Despite the menacing nature of the two characters, and with the help of some excellent fan art, it’s actually an oddly beautiful and touching thing to behold.

The clamour has become such that some decided the pair needed a power couple name.

Pennydook was always the winner there…

Others think Pennydook could change the way we look at relationships forever.

However, one or two party-poopers with a wealth of horror-genre knowledge would like to throw a spanner in the works.

While others think The Babadook’s head could be turned.

Generally though, the consensus is looking good for this budding relationship – and the effect it could have on the LGBT community.

Love – thy name is Pennydook.

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