Friday 15 December 2017

The Green Party is keen on introducing a three-day weekend

By Prudence Wade

Now this is the kind of political proposal we can really get behind.

All of us struggle to make our way through Mondays, thinking the same thing: why couldn’t we have just had a three-day weekend?

Well, it turns out that a major political party agrees with you. Co-leaders of the Green Party Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley want to introduce a three-day weekend as a bid to address the pressures of modern life.

The pair appeared on BBC One’s Andrew Marr show, with Bartley saying: “We really wanted to flag this up because we think that we need bold new ideas for the country.”

Seeing as their bold new idea involves an extra day’s lie in, it’s definitely something we can get on board with.

Lucas says that “there’s a lot of evidence that suggests that when people are exhausted their productivity goes down”. So maybe there’s actually an economic benefit to the scheme, not just the fact that you’ll get more time to recover from the brutal two-day hangover that springs from particularly rowdy Saturday night.

Safe to say, it seems a pretty attractive idea to many of us.

But some people think it’s just a little bit ridiculous.

Sure, the likelihood of a three-day weekend seems pretty far-fetched, but for many of us struggling to make our way through Monday afternoon it sounds pretty sweet.

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