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The Cup Blowing Challenge is sweeping the nation and it's definitely going to infuriate you


Introducing the latest time-wasting activity to obsess over.

Remember the bottle-flipping challenge that prompted the world to attempt to expertly flick a bottle hoping it would land upright? Well a new craze has swept the globe and it’s once again threatening to test our patience and sanity.

The Cup Blowing Challenge has seen teens stacking lightweight cups inside one another and placing a third cup inches away. They then attempt to blow the top cup in the stack into the waiting cup nearby in one smooth breath.


Many have attempted to the infuriaing challenge, though not all have been successful. Meanwhile there are others who have criticised the lastest millenial timewaster to take over the internet. Lighten up, guys.

We have to admit, it would be a pretty cool party trick to have up your sleeve.

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