Sunday 25 March 2018

The Chicken Connoisseur is releasing a book and going on a UK tour of chicken shops

By Kameron Virk

Now’s your chance to get Elijah in your favourite chicken shop.

Who knew that reviewing London’s chicken shops could bear so much fruit?

Certainly not Elijah Quashie, who started making his Pengest Munch videos half-seriously with a friend and now has just landed his first book deal.

The Chicken Connoisseur signed a deal with Blink Publishing to release In Search of the Nation’s 50 Favourite Chicken Establishments, which will be published on October 5.

It suggests Elijah has a lot more chicken to get through, and that more than just the capital’s chicken shops will be included.

You can actually nominate your favourite chicken shop, and it appears the Connoisseur himself will be embarking on a UK tour to rate the most voted for.

The Pengest Munch videos have racked up 22 million views on YouTube to date, but this is definitely a new avenue for Elijah.

It’s also great news for all those who leave comments under the videos suggesting a chicken shop for Elijah to rate and review – now’s your chance to actually get him to visit.

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