Saturday 18 November 2017

Teenager 'too late' to wed William

Tiana O'Brien holds a sign reading: 'I'll be your princess', as Prince William nears her
Tiana O'Brien holds a sign reading: 'I'll be your princess', as Prince William nears her
Prince William kicks an Australian rules football, during a visit to the Murrabit football ground
Prince William reacts after kicking an Australian rules football towards a group of photographers

Prince William turned down an Australian admirer who asked him to marry her, telling her: "Sorry, you're too late."

Tiana O'Brien and her schoolfriend Ayla Fenton, both 17, greeted the Prince during a visit to Kerang, Victoria, with a sign reading: "I'll be your princess."

The town was one of William's last stops on a tour of areas of Australia and New Zealand which have been hit by natural disasters.

Kerang was cut off for several days by floods that swept through Victoria in January after heavy rain.

As William walked along the crowds of well-wishers, Tiana called out "Marry me," but the Prince replied: "Sorry, you're too late."

However the lovestruck teenager was not put off, declaring: "I won't give up until he has got a ring on her finger."

Kerang itself was unscathed in the floods, but the Prince met people from the outlying areas whose homes were inundated. Inside a marquee at a sports field in nearby Murrabit, he was shown photographs of the 6ft deep water in homes and properties.

As he listened to the story of the Griffiths family, whose pig farm was inundated for weeks, he told Rod Griffiths, 43: "It's so sad you're having to show me pictures of your houses in the water, rather than happy family snaps."

Meanwhile, after a quick introduction to Australian Rules Football from Jim Stynes, Irish-born president of the Melbourne Football Club, William jumped at the chance to kick a ball at the waiting photographers.

He said: "You do realise you are giving me the ultimate - kicking this as hard as I can at you guys is the ultimate. Are you ready because someone's going to get hurt?" And After narrowly missing a photographer in the crowd of media, he joked: "Can I do it again?"

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