Friday 20 April 2018

Team to search for 'lost Inca city'

A student is set for the forest adventure of a lifetime
A student is set for the forest adventure of a lifetime

A student is preparing for an Indiana Jones-style adventure, searching for a legendary Inca city of gold.

Later this month University of Dundee student Ken Gawne and four others will journey to the Amazon jungle in Peru to hunt for Paititi, the city where, according to legend, the Inca hid their treasures from Spanish conquistadors.

Mr Gawne, 28, due to begin the third year of his psychology degree, is no stranger to adventure, visiting China and crossing the Sahara desert in western Africa.

He said: "We have spoken to a previous explorer, Gregory Deyermenjian, who has been looking for the city for 20 years and he has been fantastic. He has found about 15 different settlements, so we will be looking in an area where previous things have been discovered.

"When you are in the jungle it is very dense, and as far as you can see is what has been explored, so I think we have as much chance of finding something as anybody."

A keen filmmaker, Mr Gawne hopes to make a documentary of the three-week adventure.

Also taking part in the expedition are writer Ken Halfpenny and cameraman Lewis Knight, both also based in Dundee. The team will be led by Ian Gardiner, from Norfolk, and may also be joined by German archaeologist Jens Notroff.

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