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Stripey house owner stands firm


The house owner has been ordered to get rid of the stripes

The house owner has been ordered to get rid of the stripes

The house owner has been ordered to get rid of the stripes

A homeowner who gave her multi-million pound house a bright candy-stripe paint job has said she will refuse a council order to redecorate the building.

Zipporah Lisle-Mainwaring, 71, hit out at her "hysterical" neighbours for complaining to the council about the red and white stripes, after they branded it "garish" and "tacky" last month.

She first painted her home following a planning dispute over the property and her application to demolish it was refused.

Residents in the quiet residential cul-de-sac in Kensington, west London, were angered by the striking redesign and complained to the council, which ordered the stripes' removal

But Ms Lisle-Mainwaring has insisted she will not heed the order and that the new colour scheme is a bit of fun.

She told the Evening Standard: "It is my house. I am entitled to do what I wish with it, and there are a lot of people who agree with me.

"They (the stripes) add to the gaiety of the nation. Children absolutely love it - they are fun.

"I did not think they (my neighbours) would get quite so excited. I did not realise they would get hysterical."

She also denied claims the stripes had been painted as an act of malice against her neighbours, instead saying she did it because she was entitled to.

Saskia Moyle, 18, who lives across the road with her father, said she was shocked to come home one night to discover men up ladders painting the house.

Speaking last month, she said: "It's very fluorescent and very garish. Without sounding very pretentious it isn't very Kensington. It's more Camden or something like that."

Asked if she liked the new design or thought the house was a tacky monstrosity, she laughed and added: "I think tacky monstrosity, we all hate it."

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