Wednesday 25 April 2018

Strangers' impromptu New Year's Eve sing-a-long on train captured on camera

Passengers started singing and dancing on New Year's Eve
Passengers started singing and dancing on New Year's Eve

The moment strangers broke into an impromptu sing-a-long on a train has been captured on camera.

Claudine Hope Bolster,41, was travelling from Liverpool Central with her family when passengers in her carriage started singing and dancing with one another on New Year's Eve.

She said: "As we sat down this guy just started singing and then everyone started dancing and singing.

"People in the next carriage were looking through the window to see what was going on and then they started singing and then it became a sing-off."

Mobile phone footage captured by the mother of two shows two hearty renditions, one of Tom Jones' 1968 hit Delilah and another, in fitting with the surroundings, The O'Jays' Love Train.

She said: "It was an amazing feeling, it was really fun. My children couldn't believe what was going on."

Mrs Bolster was travelling home to Ormskirk after a family day out with her psychic medium husband Joe Power, children Louis, seven, and Lexie, five, her sister Annaliza Murphy and husband Martin and their children aged eight and six at just after 7.30pm.

She said: "They live in Essex so my husband had suggested they come up for New Year's Eve and we promised them a true 'Scouse' experience.

"They had never experienced anything like this.

"Scousers are such happy people and are friendly even to strangers; they smile, talk to you and start conversations which can be slightly different in certain areas of the UK - not Essex though, everyone is really friendly in Essex. Scousers are such happy people, they love laughing and joking.

"My sister said it was the best New Year's Eve she has ever had."

Mrs Bolster posted the two clips to Facebook on Sunday night and was "overwhelmed" when they got more than 100,000 views each within 12 hours.

She said: "I couldn't believe it when the video footage went crazy. Facebook went mental.

"I just filmed it to remember it but then I thought I would share it - but I was overwhelmed by this response.

"It was a nice way to start the New Year. If only every train journey was like that."

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