Thursday 24 May 2018

Straight outta Kendal - when NWA left Lib Dem leader red-faced

Mr Farron drew laughter from party delegates as he recounted the tale
Mr Farron drew laughter from party delegates as he recounted the tale

Rappers NWA got Lib Dem leader Tim Farron into hot water when one of the group's most notorious hits started blaring from his phone.

Mr Farron said he was in a meeting with the head of the local NHS trust at his office in Kendal, Cumbria, when "F*** Tha Police" suddenly began playing.

The red-faced Lib Dem leader said his children were to blame after setting the album Straight Outta Compton as his ring tone.

This came after he had light-heartedly reviewed the unlikely music choice for music website RAM Album Club.

Recounting the tale during his rally speech at the party's autumn conference in Brighton, he said: "(The album) is deservedly considered a classic, but it's a bit sweary."

To laughter from the audience, he added: "I downloaded the album to my phone but my kids had been mucking about with my phone one morning, and apparently linked my ring tone with my iTunes.

"And so later that day, there I was in my office in Kendal meeting with the chief executive of the local NHS trust, when my phone went off and we were all treated to a quick burst of 'eff the police'.

"Which was lovely. Almost a pity I wasn't due to meet the chief constable until later that afternoon."

Mr Farron added that while he admired the rappers behind NWA, their attitudes toward law and order differed from his own.

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