Monday 11 December 2017

Spotify playlists are the latest way to troll your friends

By Taylor Heyman

Who knew this could even be a thing?

People are using Spotify’s seemingly endless list of tracks to create playlists with a message and sharing them on Twitter.

The new meme stems from a series of playlists people have made for their crushes, using the song titles to spell out how they feel.

Since then, they’ve taken a new, and funnier turn.

It’s not just for your crush. You can also tell public figures what you think of them.

Jeb Bush needs to see this one.

Don’t Go Alexis.

Some TV and film-inspired ones have also cropped up.

Harry Potter fans will love this one.

How about X-Files?

These have interesting messages for the UK’s voters.

This person has had enough of all the memes.

And we’ll finish with this one, because, who doesn’t like eggs?

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