Tuesday 20 February 2018

Speed of smile 'key to success'

The speed of smile can influence the first impressions, new research has shown
The speed of smile can influence the first impressions, new research has shown

The speed of your smile can influence people's first impressions of you, new research has shown.

Smile too quickly and others may think you insincere, while slow grins are generally perceived to be more genuine, according to the study.

The Go Group, which gives advice to fledgling businesses, looked at how smiling can contribute to new clients and investors gaining a positive impression.

Smiling when meeting somebody for the first time is one of our most natural reactions when trying to build rapport, said Lesley Meechan of the Glasgow-based organisation.

Its findings suggest that a smile which appears too swiftly and does not extend to the eyes sends signals to the other person that you lack sincerity.

The development director said: "A well-practised, instant smile for anybody who comes your way does not make the other person feel special at all and can seem a little false, it can damage business relationships before they've even begun and give the wrong impression.

"Studies have shown that people perceive a slower, natural smile which floods the entire face to be more genuine than one which is too quick".

Bridget Hanna, an occupational psychologist at Glasgow Caledonian University, said: "People smile for lots of different reasons other than happiness.

"Smiling itself can help bind people together so it's a useful tool for business.

"The frequency of your smile is important too because smiling immediately, all of the time, comes across as over-pleasing and lowers your status."

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