Monday 11 December 2017

Somehow this frog survived a spin in a washing machine

That can’t have been enjoyable…

(Press Association)
(Press Association)

By Georgia Humphreys

There are holiday souvenirs…and then there’s a Cuban Tree Frog.

But that’s exactly what a British couple unexpectedly found in their washing machine after returning home from Florida.

The couple had unpacked their suitcase – where the frog had managed to sneakily stowaway – and put a wash on without noticing it. So just imagine the shock when they took the clothes out and they heard the croaking…

Yep, this plucky Cuban Tree Frog defied all odds, managing to survive both a long haul trip and a machine wash.

(Press Association)

According to Emma Rowe, from Nuneaton and Warwickshire wildlife sanctuary, the frog probably survived because they can live under water for quite some time.

Still though, jumping around in a swamp is surely nothing compared to being whizzed around in detergent…

Luckily, the frog appears to have no lasting health problems, and they are now just looking for a new home for the animal, who they may call Daz (geddit…?)

What a little trooper.

Press Association

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