Monday 20 May 2019

Some swans helped this police force attempt their best Hot Fuzz impression

‘It’s more than one swan, actually.’


By Edd Dracott, Press Association

This police force from Stroud clearly have some Simon Pegg and Nick Frost fans among their ranks.

The team from Gloucestershire posted a photo of an officer helping some swans and their five cygnets to cross the road.

The gallant road-blocking and swan-herding was warmly received on Twitter, but particularly because of the reference to Pegg and Frost’s 2007 classic comedy Hot Fuzz.

Part of the film sees the pair, as police officers, tasked with finding a missing swan – from which came the immortal line, “it’s just the one swan actually”.

As if points scored on social media wasn’t enough, the police department later told Stroud News and Journal: “Upon facing the large swan, Pc Wilson didn’t flap, choosing instead to calmly feather them across the road safely to the canal.”

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