Wednesday 13 December 2017

Soldiers enjoy setting egg record

More than 100 Coldstream and Grenadier Guards line up to dip toast soldiers into eggs in a world record attempt
More than 100 Coldstream and Grenadier Guards line up to dip toast soldiers into eggs in a world record attempt
A soldier checks egg cups before the world record attempt

The soldiers did not stand a chance - the toast soldiers that is.

The bread warriors were swiftly dispatched by a group of real fighting soldiers as part of a world record attempt.

One hundred guardsmen from the Coldstream Guards stood to attention and were given the order to "dip" in a bid to set a new record for the most people dipping egg soldiers simultaneously.

After a short, nervous wait on the parade ground at their Wellington Barracks headquarters, the guardsmen from 7 Company were told they were record-holders, theirs being the last in a series of 21 records set over the last six months as part of celebrations for the London Olympics.

Guinness Book of Records adjudicator Gareth Deaves, who was there to make sure the rules were followed, said: "What we have seen today is exactly 100 soldiers in perfect formation dipping soldiers into boiled eggs for a brand new Guinness World Record achievement.

"The rules state we have to have two soldiers dipped per soldier, and they have to be a double-dip on each of those, so four dips per soldier and those soldiers need to be eaten at the end."

It was an unusual activity for the guardsmen from the oldest regiment in the regular army, who were meant to be undergoing a two-hour physical training (PT) session. They only found out they were going to be record-breakers instead the night before.

The eggs were given a six-minute boil in one of the barracks kitchens while hundreds of bread soldiers were toasted in preparation for the attempt. Then, with the troops standing in a square, the order was given: "Prepare to dip eggs. Dip. Eat. Dip. Eat. And away."

Trooper Michael Appiah said that he and the rest of the unit found out about the attempt when it was put in their daily duty detail.

"When I went to read it, it said we were doing a Guinness Book of Records egg dip," he said. "We were very surprised."

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