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Snake the snake stuck in a car


Vets try to get the snake out from behind the car's dashboard

Vets try to get the snake out from behind the car's dashboard

Vets try to get the snake out from behind the car's dashboard

A five-foot boa constrictor called Snake was trapped behind a steering wheel for three hours - after slithering behind the dashboard on the way to the vet.

Owner Michael Reid was driving Snake to the vet in Brislington, Bristol, when he realised the pet had escaped from his rucksack.

He pulled over and spotted it stuck behind his steering wheel so immediately called vet Vim Kumaratunga at Highcroft Veterinary Group for help.

Mr Kumaratunga, a fellow vet and a veterinary nurse attended the roadside and called for a mechanic to take the dashboard apart.

The snake was eventually freed unharmed after three hours and "a fair amount" of sedation before being brought back to the clinic for overnight observation.

Mr Kumaratunga said: "When I received a phone call saying 'I need you to get my snake out of my dashboard', I thought it was someone pulling a prank.

"After realising it was Mr Reid on his way to our appointment, I rushed out to meet him and called for back-up from a fellow vet and veterinary nurse.

"After finding that the dashboard of the car needed to be taken apart, we enrolled the help of a local mechanic. Thankfully he wasn't scared of snakes.

"After three hours and a fair amount of sedation, we managed to free Snake unharmed."

Snake spent the rest of the night at the veterinary hospital to recover from his ordeal.

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Mr Kumaratunga said he hoped the pet owner would bring a sturdier container to take Snake home.

"Having a large exotic species department at Highcroft Veterinary Group, we do see snakes and unusual pets on a regular basis," he said.

"However, that was definitely something I've never experienced before."

Boa constrictors can grow up to 13 feet long and weigh more than 100lb.

The large, non-venomous snakes are becoming popular in Bristol, according to the veterinary group.

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