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Sisters create giant NHS street tribute with balloons and chalk

‘Everyone’s buzzing’, said their mother.

Two girls in Manchester have impressed their neighbours by creating a giant NHS tribute outside their house.

Kiera, 12 and her sister Kadi-lei, seven, used chalk to create a rainbow effect on a walkway on Purcell Street, paying tribute to those on the front line during the coronavirus pandemic.

They also made a multicoloured balloon archway for locals to walk through.

They hope to finish their creation at the weekend having begun earlier in the week.

“I went to the pound shop, got them some chalk each and they just got cracking,” said Emma Mcgowan, 38, the girls’ mother.

“The first time I went out I got them seven packets of balloons, and I think there were 25 in each packet.

“Then I had to go back out and get another four packets!”

The girls’ efforts have been well received by residents, “everyone’s buzzing” said Mrs Mcgowan, while one neighbour even gave them £5.

Mrs Mcgowan, currently working as a cleaner, was a carer previously, and said her work has helped Kiera and Kadi-lei understand the importance of the work being done by the NHS and others.

“They know what I used to do, so they know it’s important, and for them to do it – I was so proud,” she said.

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