Saturday 24 February 2018

Sir Desmond Swayne was the character of the hour at the election debate in Parliament

By Prudence Wade

The Tory MP’s sweeping rhetoric captured the imagination of viewers.

While the debate over the snap general election didn’t prove as exciting or dramatic as Theresa May’s Downing Street announcement, one man stirred things up enough to catch the attention of viewers.

That man was Sir Desmond Swayne, Conservative MP for New Forest West.

Sir Desmond’s rhetoric was far more sweeping than many expect from politicians in the House of Commons.

His analogy about Labour MPs being turkeys voting for Christmas particularly captured the imagination of those watching on TV.

Not only this, but his whole demeanour was delightfully theatrical.

People were loving how he was speaking.

He almost seemed like someone from another era.

Many were too captivated by his 70s style and impressive sideburns to actually listen to what he was saying.

But there were those who were listening who still couldn’t quite get a handle on what he was saying.

In essence, it seems like Sir Desmond – who admits that he tried his hardest to get anyone but May elected – has now become her biggest fan. Indeed he ended his speech with the assertion: “She is doing magnificently and may she long continue to do so.”

Even when he had said his piece, Sir Desmond was as comfortable as could be in the chamber.

So there you go folks, Sir Desmond bringing a bit of old school drama back into the chamber.

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