Wednesday 29 January 2020

Sheepdogs break auction record

Sheepdog Rex was sold for a record-breaking 5,145 pounds at Skipton Auction Mart
Sheepdog Rex was sold for a record-breaking 5,145 pounds at Skipton Auction Mart

Two sheepdogs have been sold at auction for a record-breaking £5,000 each.

Rex, a 26-month-old border collie, and Ron, a 14-month-old tri-coloured sheepdog, both sold for 4,900 guineas (£5,145) at Skipton Auction Mart last week.

The sale smashed the previous world record at an official sale, which was 4,100 guineas (£4,305) for a two-year-old black-and-white bitch, and also took place at a Skipton auction.

First to break the record was Rex, sold by Welshman Aled Owen. Mr Owen is the reigning World Sheepdog Trials champion and has sold dogs all over the world.

And later in the day, John Bell, from Howden, East Yorkshire, one of the country's leading sheepdog handlers, sold Ron for the same price.

Mr Bell also holds a record for selling the most number of dogs for the highest price - an unprecedented 15 times.

And Mr Bell's good run continued as another dog he brought to the auction sold for the second highest price of the day - Floss, a 15-month-old bitch sold for 3,900 guineas (£4,095).

Mr Bell said: "Ron was a lovely young dog and he performed well on the day, so I was happy.

"But people think that it's a lot of money but really, when you take into account all the training and trials, it's not."

Craven Cattle Marts, at Skipton, is renowned in the UK for sheepdog sales and brings many of the top sheepdog buyers and sellers from all over the country.

Mr Bell said that a good sheepdog shows intelligence and responds to commands. He said his dogs did well in the auction because they were young - making them more adaptable.

He added: "All I hope is that I have good dogs, that they work well, listen to my commands, and show off well in terms of style, quality and balance. That's really all I can do - then I leave the rest to the bidders."

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