Sunday 17 February 2019

See the homemade protest placards held aloft as Trump visits the UK

The US president could be left in no doubt that the crowds were protesters and not welcomers.

By Nicola Irwin, Press Association

If US President Donald Trump was in any way confused about the crowds in London during his official visit, then the protesters carried a banner to set him straight.

“This is not a welcome parade,” read a large sign held by five women marching through Oxford Circus, with thousands following behind them.

If that wasn’t clear enough, other placards didn’t sugar-coat things either.

“We literally hate you” read one homemade sign alongside printed offerings of “Trump not welcome” and the poetic “DumpTrump”.

Here are some of the more creative signs from protesters and activists.

“We don’t like you at all + we certainly don’t agree with you on immigration”

Political artist Kaya Mar made this statement

“We’ll have a bigger parade when they send you to jail”

“Girls just wanna have fun…damental rights”

“‘I think they like me a lot’. We don’t”


“Overcomb Brexit”

“You dirty rotter”


“A swamp creature will never ‘drain the swamp'”

“We are not OK”

“Not even your wife likes you”

“Not today Satan”

“The statue of taking liberties”

“I’m less of a baby”

“Feed him to the corgis”

And the very British…

Press Association

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