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See the fiery show of lava and ash as Mount Etna's eruption turns into a volcanic blast


Lava had been flowing from the volcano since Wednesday.

A Mount Etna eruption turned into a volcanic blast as it spewed lava and ash into the air in a visual spectacle.

The eruption caused an explosion as magma hit snow around the volcano, and while 10 people were injured, none of them are thought to be in a grave condition.

The BBC crew were at the scene to witness the spectacle, and although they suffered cuts, bruises and burns, they were physically well.

Global science reporter Rebecca Morelle described the scene in a series of tweets.

Sicily’s volcano had been putting on a show in recent days, with a new lava flow starting from the south-eastern crater on Wednesday. It had erupted just two weeks ago in a fiery show of lava.

So far, the eruption has not caused disruptions to the nearby population – Catania’s airport remains open and there have been only periodic spews of volcanic ash.

The European Space Agency shared a picture taken of the eruption by its Sentinel-2A satellite. Red hot lava can be seen flowing from Mount Etna while the surrounding snow had been edited to a blue colour to distinguish from the clouds.

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