Tuesday 17 September 2019

See how 10 different animals at Chester Zoo interact with their spooky pumpkin treats

From bears to beetles, who do you think enjoyed their pumpkin the most?

A black jaguar at Chester Zoo goes after a pumpkin
A black jaguar at Chester Zoo goes after a pumpkin

By Max McLean

We all know how humans interact with pumpkins at Halloween, but what does the animal kingdom make of the spooky winter squashes?

Fortunately, Chester Zoo are on hand to find out – apparently, giving the animals meals in unusual ways makes them explore and think, as well as making them look particularly seasonal in photographs.

Let’s see how they get on…

1. Black jaguar

Goshi seems a big fan – to her that’s like having a PlayStation. Hours of fun.

2. Andean bear cub

An Andean bear cub at Chester Zoo

This is Madidi the Andean bear cub, who, at 10 months old, is having a good old chew.

3. Sunda gharial crocodile

A crocodile at Chester Zoo

Yeah that pumpkin’s in trouble.

4. Atlas beetle

An Atlas beetle at Chester Zoo

What a curious Atlas beetle.

5. Sun bear

Sun bears apparently have very powerful jaws that can tear open trees, so it’s no surprise to see Milli here making light work of this pumpkin.

6. Galapagos tortoises


Slowly but surely, these Galapagos tortoises are absolutely destroying that pumpkin. Slowly, but surely.

7. Fish

Fish at Chester Zoo

No such destruction here from the fish – it’s just a big orange castle to them.

8. Critically endangered golden mantella frogs

Critically endangered golden mantella frogs at Chester Zoo

These creatures retain the toxins from the insects they eat, so they’re poisonous.

9. Komodo dragon

A Komodo dragon at Chester Zoo

This pumpkin is right to be scared – the Komodo dragon is the largest lizard on the planet, coming in at over two metres long.

10. Giant otter

A giant otter at Chester Zoo

And last but not least, here’s a giant otter wondering what’s inside – it’s just more pumpkin, mate!

To see what Chester Zoo is up to this Halloween, click here.

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