Friday 20 July 2018

Scottish Isle of Grunay on sale for £85,000

The Isle of Grunay is on sale for £85,000
The Isle of Grunay is on sale for £85,000
The Isle of Grunay is on sale for £85,000

An island in Shetland has been put on the market for just £85,000 - but there is a catch.

Not only does the Isle of Grunay in the Out Skerries offer little in the way of accommodation - both the lighthouse keeper homes on the island are dilapidated - but there is also no running water or electricity.

If you wanted to access any local amenities, you would need to travel to one of the Out Skerries' two other islands, Housay and Bruray. There, you will find two shops, a post office, church, school and car ferry.

On the upside, you do get 56 acres of land for less than half the price of an average UK home.

The island, which is being sold through estate agents Knight Frank, also contains a large ruined structure on the north shore, known locally as The Broch.

"Although it is not known whether it dates from the Iron Age, such structures were built during this time throughout the far north of Scotland," the estate agents said.

As the easternmost point of the UK, and just 200 miles from Norway, the island also held strategic importance during the Second World War.

German planes frequently flew over at low altitude, strafing the Grunay lighthouse shore station in 1941 and dropping a bomb in 1942.

A British Blenheim bomber with a crew of two Canadians and one Englishman crashed on Grunay during the war. A plaque has been placed to commemorate the event.

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