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San Diego Zoo shows off a dozen new foster flamingo chicks in cute video

Thirteen fluffy new chicks have been brought to San Diego Zoo’s vibrant flock, and all but one are being raised by ‘foster parents’.


(San Diego Zoo)

(San Diego Zoo)

(San Diego Zoo)

Over a dozen flamingo chicks have been brought to the vibrant flock at San Diego Zoo, and 12 of the 13 new arrivals are being raised by foster parents.

The new foster chicks were laid by greater flamingos, and were hatched by American flamingos residing at the zoo’s flamingo habitat, who will then raise them.

When the chicks are old enough, the zoo will eventually create a separate greater flamingo flock for them.

Posting an adorable video of the chicks to Facebook, the zoo said: “A dozen flamingo ‘foster chicks’ are greeting guests on Front Street.”

The adorable video now has over 15,000 views from zoo visitors.

Dave Rimlinger, curator of birds at the zoo, said: “We have a really great environment at the Zoo that allows guests to observe flamingo parents raising their chicks from a very early age.

“The breeding success with our greater flamingo flock at the Safari Park has provided a unique opportunity for the adult birds at the zoo, and we’re very pleased with their parenting skills.”

Unlike the pink adults, flamingo chicks are a whitish-grey colour.

The flamingo’s vibrant colour comes from the rich sources of carotenoid pigments in the algae and small crustaceans the birds eat.

The chicks will turn pink in a year or two.

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