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Salford couple find the cutest note trapped in their wall after 50 years

After 50 years trapped behind some old skirting board, this note is bound to put a smile on your face.


A couple from Salford were doing a spot of decorating when they discovered this adorable note trapped behind the wall of their new kitchen.

Aaron Cornish and his partner, Andrew, had been in the process of demolishing a wall when two 50-year-old pennies fell out from behind a patch of skirting board, with a message from two previous occupants.


It read: “In case of emergency we are helping you buy some more wallpaper.

“This was given by Anne and David Salisbury in the year 1967. If you find this money take good care of it because it may come in handy.

“Love xxxxxx.”


Aaron said he and Andrew now plan to frame the coins in the house as a memento, but the wall they were found lodged in will be knocked down.

It’s probably just as well: wallpaper costs a little more than 2p nowadays.

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