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Rupert the chihuahua back home safely after CCTV captured him being stolen

One-year-old Rupert was stolen outside Daniel Granger Hair Salon in Northampton.

A pet chihuahua that was spotted on CCTV being stolen has been returned to his owners.

The one-year-old dog named Rupert was taken at around 6.24pm on 3 January, but has now been handed back to the family.

Rupert’s owner, Katie Lane, feared the dog may have been targeted for breeding purposes.

CCTV showed the man bending down to reach the dog outside the salon, before carrying him away in his jacket.

A representative for the salon later said a young girl with no connection to the man had handed the dog in to police.

They were unsure of the whereabouts of the man seen taking it, she said.

According to the Northampton Chronicle, two girls were given a reward and a year’s worth of free hairdressing after bringing Rupert to his owners.

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