Saturday 21 September 2019

Rescued dog needed two kilograms of matted fur shaved off

Shih tzu Molly has found a new home in time for Christmas.

By Eleanor Barlow, Press Association

A matted mutt that had to have two kilograms of fur shaved off after being rescued will be spending Christmas in a new home.

Shih tzu Molly was so matted she was unable to walk properly and struggling to open her mouth when she was rescued by RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes from a home in Wallasey, Merseyside, after the charity received a report concerning her welfare.

The 12-year-old dog had become so overgrown Mr Joynes said he couldn’t tell her front end from her back end.

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Molly was taken for emergency treatment after her owners signed her over to the RSPCA’s care and a veterinary team got through three sets of clipper blades to cut off her matted coat.

Her fur had grown around one of her front paw pads, making it grow the wrong way, and after five hours of clipping and shaving Molly was found to have a deformed paw, but her back legs were in good condition.

Mr Joynes said: “When I went to assess her I couldn’t tell which was the front and back end of the dog as the fur was that matted.

“We were really worried that under all the matted fur we may find more serious concerns.

“I am just so pleased she has recovered, and now she has been rehomed she looks amazing.”

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Molly has found her new home in Moreton, Wirral, with Shelby Ford, 47, who takes her out for walks in a dog pram.

Ms Ford said: “She is such an adorable dog and loves everyone she meets – especially young children, including both my grandchildren.”

Molly will feature in Channel 5 programme The Dog Rescuers at 8pm on Boxing Day.

Her previous owners are due to appear in court next month facing animal welfare charges.

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