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Puma is capitalising on the United Airlines leggings fiasco with a savvy promotion


Now, this is how you do social media right.

Poor United Airlines: the company has sure had a rough week. It hit headlines after turning away two passengers because their leggings breached a dress code, a move for which it has received a lot of flack.

But, as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – and even though it certainly is a rubbish time for United Airlines, brands like Puma are making it into something far more positive. For themselves, that is.

That’s right, Puma is trolling the airline by offering anyone with a United ticket a discount on leggings.

A pretty sassy move because reading between the lines it *almost* seems like Puma is *almost* encouraging United Airlines passengers to wear leggings… thanks to a sweet deal for new threads.

This isn’t the only company that’s subtly capitalising on #LeggingsGate – just check out this savage tweet rival airline Delta sent out.

United has explained the reason why the girls weren’t allowed to wear leggings: because they were using an employee travel pass for friends and relatives of the airline’s staff, they were required to follow a dress code which doesn’t apply to regular passengers.

Nevertheless, the airline still can’t seem to shake off the drama.

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