Saturday 21 September 2019

Protest warns Britain ‘is heading for a dog’s dinner of a Brexit’

The Wooferendum protest held near Parliament claimed Brexit was ‘a recipe for disaster’.

By Tom Pilgrim, Press Association

A “recipe for disaster” was on the menu as dogs and their owners gathered in Westminster to take part in an anti-Brexit “dog’s dinner”.

Giant cans of “Pedigree Chump” and dog-sized dining tables were set up on Victoria Tower Gardens for the protest event on Sunday.

With Parliament as a backdrop, waiters attended to the hungry hounds as they sat down for dinner at tables laid out with candles, plates, cutlery and drinks bottles.

Billed as “the world’s biggest dog’s dinner”, the event was organised by Wooferendum, a campaign group supporting calls for a second referendum.

Founder Daniel Elkan said: “The whole campaign is dogs barking for the people.

“The country is in such dire straits with Brexit at the moment. It’s a shambles. That’s why we’re doing a dog’s dinner.

“We think the country should be given a chance to think again.”

Mr Elkan said he hoped the event would persuade people unhappy with Brexit to engage in the public debate.

“Our politicians are trying to drive us to this cliff edge and threaten us with a no-deal Brexit. It’s outrageous. We can’t let this happen” he said.

“This is the country barking back. Every one of these dogs, I believe, represents thousands of people who are really upset about what’s going on.”

The Wooferendum campaign has also received support from MPs.

Ahead of the event Ian Murray, MP for Edinburgh South, said: “I may not be the MP for Barking but I do know that Britain is heading for a dog’s dinner of a Brexit.”

Rosie Duffield, MP for Canterbury, said: “If only Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations was just a shaggy dog story.”

She added: “It’s time to come off the leash, block a no-deal Brexit and give the people the final say.”

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