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Police shut down S&M/M&S party

Police had to shut down an S&M and M&S-themed fancy dress party after finding 250 students dressed in bondage and grandpa outfits.

While some revellers walked around in skimpy leather outfits carrying whips, others wore some of Marks & Spencer's more traditional lines.

The party happened last Saturday at a house in Jesmond, Newcastle, which is a favourite area for more well-to-do students.

Alexi, a Newcastle University geography student from Hertfordshire, said he and his housemates spent around £2,500 organising the event.

The 20-year-old former Harrow School pupil said: "We wanted to throw a party, not for any particular reason, just the eight of us wanted to have one.

"We got some speakers and smoke machines, we had two dance floors, one chill-out room and a room upstairs had a bouncy castle and a ball pit.

"There was probably about 250 people here and we had a bouncer on the door who was a mate of ours.

"All the girls ended up coming in S&M outfits and anyone that came in the M&S theme were just dressed as grandpas.

"We did lots of soundproofing and spent lots of money on it. We bought foam wrapped in bubble wrap to put up against the wall, in total we probably spent about £2,500."

Photographs shared on social media included one of a topless man with an oiled chest who was wearing a leather dog collar and lead. Other pictures featured women in dominatrix gear or black lingerie.

But some were less outrageous and opted for flat caps and Marks & Spencer dresses.

The student said the police eventually turned up after one complaint from a neighbour about the noise, but when they did he said they seemed impressed by the lengths they had gone to.

"When the police came round they seemed impressed by what we had done, they said we had clearly made an effort with the soundproofing," he said.

"People have since said it was the best house party they had ever been to and the best night in Newcastle."

Northumbria Police were called to the property by a neighbour who was angry about the noise but found no evidence of criminality.

A police spokeswoman said: "We were made aware of the party from a neighbour, and officers decided to attend.

"The occupants were asked to keep the noise down and ask people to leave because the music was very loud.

"They were spoken to and agreed to end the party and everyone left in an orderly manner.

"There were no criminal offences disclosed. It was very noisy, with a large number of people inside."

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