Thursday 22 August 2019

Police release 911 call made by man on bonnet of car driving at 70mph

The man’s ex-girlfriend was driving.


By Edd Dracott, Press Association

Police have released the audio of an emergency call a man made whilst clinging to the front of his ex-girlfriend’s car.

Footage of Junior Francis clinging to the car at 70mph in Miami, Florida, went viral online, but it’s now been revealed what exactly he was saying into his mobile phone.

“Yes my life is in danger,” Francis told the operator. “I’m actually on the rooftop of my car somebody’s driving.

“I’m on call with the police. Get out, stop the car now! Stop the car you’re going fast!”

Some had previously suggested Francis was on the phone to his ex-girlfriend Patresha Isidore, who was driving the car.

The former couple still live together and have a five-year-old daughter and Francis had leapt onto the front of the car reportedly as Isidore had left to pick up the youngster.

After failing to persuade him to get off the vehicle, she drove on anyway, joining the I-95 highway where the incident was filmed, before the pair were later stopped and arrested, unharmed.

Francis told the Palm Beach Post that they have a “complicated relationship” and that the incident was caused because they both needed to use the car.

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